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OneGreatFamily is a great resource for anybody, from the first time enthusiast to the professional doing client research.

Its power lies in that the OneGreatFamily Tree isn't just another collection of family trees, but instead is a single, unified global family tree. The system is constantly working to merge all entered individuals into one family tree through our patented matching system.

The three primary benefits of our system are:

1. It's fast and easy. Simply enter what you know (or upload your GEDCOM file) and OneGreatFamily begins automatically checking your information against everything else in the OneGreatFamily Tree. And any time new data is entered by anyone, it is automatically compared against your data.

2. OneGreatFamily quickly and accurately finds matches that might take you months to sleuth out on your own. You never have to sift through huge lists of thousands of names one by one with OneGreatFamily-instead, it does the work for you.

3. Meet new family members. Get in touch with others working on your family tree. Once your tree connects with others, you can communicate with them directly through e-mail to collaborate on your work.

OneGreatFamily offers:

A full genealogy program that lets you enter, edit and print your genealogy information.

Patented multi-generational searching technology that works around the clock to search your family tree.

Access to one of the largest single, unified human family trees in the world, encompassing over 80,000,000 unique individuals.

Collaboration with tens of thousands of other genealogists and family history enthusiasts.

Protection and preservation of your precious family data by storing it in our secure system.

Peace of mind - even if you don't have time to work on your genealogy, you'll know that tens of thousands of others are continuing the work, and you'll benefit from their efforts.